Valdosta Wedding Photography


- Ladies, the point of this shoot is to show off your beautiful figure.  Clothing options are wide open, but I strongly suggest wearing form fitting tops for shoots where you don't want to show a bare mid section.  We want to focus on the belly and the fact that you're pregnant (hence the term Maternity).  A loose blouse should only be worn if you wish to show a naked mid section.  In this case, a loose blouse will work in order to lift the blouse and show the bare belly.  A loose white blouse or button-up shirt is perfect for this.  The studio is a great setting for a Maternity shoot.


- Don't let anybody tell you that there is a "better time" to photograph your bundle of joy.  Any time is a good time.  Some of the most beautiful baby photos I have taken are when they are newborn and laying peacefully at rest.  Whatever age they are, we will capture the moment.  The key here is for you to know your baby and when he/she will be the most cooperative.  Want to keep your baby in their own environment?  ASAP will come to you.


Have several outfits ready that best define your baby.  Are you a sports family and have a favorite team?  Go ahead and bring along that Bulldog onesie.  ASAP has a few accessories just in case you can't decide.  Sometimes the best photo is just a cute little hat and a diaper.  As your childs age progresses, the key again is to dress them in something that defines them individually.  If this is going to be a 3 Hr shoot, I highly recommend bringing along a snack for you and your baby.

High School Seniors

- This is a time to celebrate a highlight in your child's life.  Mom, this may also be the last time you get professional photos of your son before he gets married!  High School Senior portrait photography should be as individual as the young man/girl being photographed.  I strongly urge a 3 Hr shoot for seniors.  We can start with very classy photos that every parent, grandparent, uncle and aunt will love.  From there, it's time to pull out all the stops.  Varsity sports students, bring your jacket and sports equipment and let's rock this shoot.  Play an instrument, have a nice ride, are you a cheerleader or into dance?  Whatever your hobbies are, and whatever will make your photos truly be about you, bring it along and let's get it done.  Don't forget to ask about Graduation Invitations using a photo from this shoot


- Family fun for everyone!  We can go to your favorite family location, shoot at my home studio, or stay at your place for a classic family photo right in your own home.  Is it necessary to match clothing?  Not necessarily, but when the family has coordinating clothing with pants and shirts of the same color family, it does show family unity.  I suggest shirts and blouses that are a solid color.  The more design in the clothing, the more the attention is taken away from the family.  Though that might look the best for most families, is yours the family on the street that is always the loudest and tends to be the "it" place, then bring it on and let's get as loud as you want.  The key is to be comfortable.


- Just like the family shoot, coordinating clothing seems to look best.  The biggest key here is just to bring the love!